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"There's a reason why Asian Americans - and especially Asian American girls - have the highest depression and suicide rates out of any ethnic/gender combination in the United States. There's a reason why "28% of Asian American high school students reported depressed feelings serious enough to disrupt their usual activities, 19% reported making a suicide plan, and 11% reported making at least one suicide attempt."

"I've seen and known firsthand the kind of people who've come out of Amy Chua's method of parenting and while some have turned into happy, successful people later on, it was usually because they managed to sort through the trauma of their childhood... not because of it."

"There are too many who go through this and turn out to be socially inept and emotionally stunted, and who end up burning out in spectacularly violent ways."

"There have been enough studies done on how damaging the Asian American experience is to point out why the thought that people might actually be convinced of Chua's superiority is so very, very frightening."

"I could respond with stories of the numerous friends I have who are estranged from their parents - how one of my relatives chose specifically not to go to her father's funeral. But whatever, his strictness just brought out her potential, right?"

"Oh wait, here's a study on how pressure actually negatively affects prior ability for Asian students. And here's a bonus one about the difference between parental "pressure" and parental "guidance" in determining psychosocial problems amongst Korean youth. Guess which one leads to more problems?"

"My big sister was what I used to jealously call "every Asian parents wet dream come true" (excuse the crassness, but it really does sum up the resentment I used to feel towards her). She got straight As. Skipped 5th grade. Perfect SAT score. Varsity swim team. Student council. Advanced level piano. Harvard early admission. An international post with the Boston Consulting Group in Hong Kong before returning to the U.S. for her Harvard MBA. Six figure salary. Oracle. Peoplesoft. Got engaged to a PhD. Bought a home. Got married.

Her life summed up in one paragraph above.

Her death summed up in one paragraph below."
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Within my walls (услышала вчера на NPR).
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Нашла очень интересный блог в инете: Ask Moxie. Тетка с двумя детьми дает (из того, что я прочитала - очень дельные) советы про родительство. Один из постов - про то, как это трудно, быть родителем. Очень интересно, и, как справедливо замечено, "it's horrible and wonderful at the same time".
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I always thought that people buying dry food and water because they were afraid of terrorists were... taking a little too many precautions. Now, after looking at New Orleans, I am thinking of the same to prepare for a possible Bay area earthquake. You can't evacuate for a quake.


Jun. 24th, 2005 09:22 am
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I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about moving scams that are ever-so-popular in the States now. They said that many moving companies will pack up your stuff, lock it and then raise the original price to be double or more. Until you pay more, they won't release your things. There is even a web-site now, where they share stories, give advice, etc. It was founded by a guy, whose original quote was $1869, but then the movers held his stuff ransom and demanded $5012.50 instead.

I am sure glad we didn't get one of those scams when we moved two weeks ago. I mean, they did raise the price, because, as they didn't tell us, their hourly rate was 1.5 times more after 4 pm and they charged extra for supplies. But overall it was fine, I expected that much anyway. I guess it's different for a local move than for an interstate move, too.
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Какая ностальгическая тема в 76_82... Сразу грустно стало.


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