Jun. 2nd, 2005 01:09 pm
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This is from

"The BBC's Matt Prodger in Belgrade says it is a truly chilling video which begins with a Serbian Orthodox priest blessing paramilitaries before they go into battle and ends with what appears to be the same paramilitaries shooting badly beaten civilians prisoners in the back with machine guns."

"The 10th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre falls on 11 July, yet last week a survey suggested that only half of the Serbian population believe it actually occurred.

The same survey suggested that two-thirds of the public believed that the men most wanted in connection with the crime - Karadzic and Mladic - were in fact heroes."

That's some crazy stuff. It only confirms what I thought - that most Serbs believe Karadžić and Mladić to be heroes. But I had no clue that half!! of the people don't believe in the massacre. I suppose that's part of the "the whole world against Serbs" conspiracy.
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Saw No Man's Land on Friday for the first time. Really liked it, although it is a movie about the war in Bosnia. I liked how the whole war is put into a relationship of two men, a Serbian and a Bosnian soldier. They argue about who started the war, when one has the gun, the other has to say "We did", and vice versa. They run around in their underwear waving white flags, and neither barricade can tell which camp they belong to. UN is there just to seem like they are doing something. These two soldiers discover that they know one girl, who was the Bosnian's girlfriend, and went to school together with the Serb. At the end, the two soldiers kill each other. The third soldier, who can't move because he's lying on a mine, which will explode the minute he moves, stays where he was. It's a big metaphor for what happened in Bosnia, and I liked the way it was done.

About being biased against Serbs: I don't really think it was biased. The picture of a naked man in the wallet of one Serb, that all Serbs keep talking about, ok, but I wouldn't have noticed that if they didn't tell me. One thing that one notices is that the Bosnians speak English and in general look better than the Serbs, who are all fat and ugly. BUT, that's all in the background, and doesn't matter that much. The main story, with two soldiers, is not biased in any way. They both make the other one say that their side started the war, they talk about the girl they know, and smoke together. A the end, they kill each other. I don't see the bias in there. At the end, a Bosnian soldier is left to die on the mine, but that can also be interpreted as a metaphor: two nations fight, argue about who started the war, UN is useless, and then Bosnia, the country, is just left to be torn apart with everybody abandoning it.

The end is very hopeless and sad, but I didn't cry. I was wondering about that - why didn't it touch me deeper. Maybe because I became too insensitive to these kind of stories.


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